Mistborn, Watch the Skies

A while ago I heard about the Watch the Skies program by Tor. You give them your e-mail address, and every week they send you a link to an e-book completely free. Usually, it seems, the eBooks are the first one in a trilogy, and they are intended to entice you to read the rest. Fair enough, I mean, this way I know I like the author and the premise enough. And what do you know, they have some good books!

OK, I’ll be fair. I’ve only read the one. Getting back to my apartment, I remembered that there are no books there for me to read — everything was at my parents’ place. Luckily, I dutifully download the eBooks from the WtS program, and have them saved on my laptop. In fact, in the flight from Chicago to Newark, I have already started reading “Mistborn”, by Brandon Sanderson. I’ve heard of him, he is a relatively new author, and I’ve heard of “Elantris”, but I have not had a chance to read anything by him yet. I guess enough people haven’t, which was why Tor decided to push out this book as a way to get people to know him. It worked.

It’s a wonderful fantasy book. It has a subtle world, with subtle races (no elves or dwarves), interesting and non-random magic system and a great plot. I heartily recommend this book. In fact, you should all go and read it, because I have a feeling I will write filk songs about it, and it would be nice if people, you know, got them.


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