Artists’ opinions

I have had the pleasure to go to Consonance and to listen to many concerts by many artists. I love listening to filkers, because they think a lot about their lyrics, and they often use them to say *gasp* what they believe in. Now, in general, I think I’m pretty close ideologically to the average among fen, and so on. But, filkers don’t mind being outspoken, often introducing a song with a patter conveying a clear opinion of something, often one which I do not share (even to the point of morally opposed to). I have found that, much to my surprise, I don’t mind. I can enjoy the song, and even the patter, just fine. I don’t need to change my mind. I need to listen, to absorb, and to have “suspension of disagreement”, if you will. It certainly made the concerts more fun! 🙂


One Response to Artists’ opinions

  1. 300baud says:

    If you can hear points of view you strongly disagree with and still enjoy the craft that went into expressing them, and maybe even learn something along the way, you’re got yourself a “liberal mind”. Don’t worry though, it will probably clear itself up in 20 or 30 years, as long as you are careful what kind of ideas you put into it.

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