Public Announcement: Looking for help with music

I hope that some people who actually know music are actually reading my blog. I am starting to want to write original songs, not just TTTOs. There is one simple tiny problem with that — I lack education about music, and I suspect I lack some talent in that area. On my part, I have consulted with some musicians I respect, and I am going to start to try writing melodies. If you feel like helping with any part of writing music, including help with melodies, writing melodies, arranging or writing the accompaniments, please get in touch with me.

If you wonder this would be a good fit for your music, The Alpha Beta Song and Cephalopods show examples of the kind of stuff I do. They still have scansion issues, and I’m willing to adapt rhyme/meter to fit a melody if needs be.

To clarify: I’m asking for either fish, pole or both.

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