Experience overload, v2.0

Sure, I thought. I’ll go to consonance again, I thought. I mean, I had fun in the first one. I was shocked by the first one, of course, but that was just a first-con thing. Riiiiight.

Dr. James is singing Dr. Janes songs was the first concert. Now, I love Dr. Jane’s stuff, and he performs them with such grace, interleaving with jokes. So I’m here in the audience, reveling in the company of fellow filkers, and enjoying the jokes he sings, when who sits next to me but fan favorite Judy Miller, who does ASL for songs. Yes. She does that. I’m sitting next to her, and laughing at her ASL jokes.m

After that came the Alexander James Adams (the Heir to Heather Alexander). He did some parodies of Heather songs, some new ones and some performances of old ones. It was freakin’ amazing. A great performer.

The performance of summer and fall could have proven to be boring, as I am not a big Ose fan. However, Judi Miller signed a large part of the concert, which proved as amazing as it sounded. And after that — the circle. We ended up going strict bardic up until the end. It finished with Jane M, Bob K and me. Yes. It was me, and these filk gods. Scary…


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