Hanging out in the Bay

In the morning, I went for an hour of Parkour training with the San Jose people. It was hard and tiring, even though this time I was quite a bit better. However, missing breakfast caused me to break pretty soon. After training I went to Peggy Sue’s, and got a pineapple shake and fries to bring me back to a saner status. Then I drove back, and went with Netta to Half-Moon Bay. HMB has the best advertisement ever — the end of the 92 road (which you take to the office) is in HMB, so the signs which go “Half-Moon Bay” are always intriguing. It did not disappoint us.

We wanted to eat on the shoreline, with a view to the, well, bay, so we drove out to Princeton-by-the-sea. There we went and had a wonderful lunch at Half Moon Bay Brewing Company. I got the veggie burger and Netta got a Mahi-Mahi fish’n’chips. After that, we went to Fry’s, where I bought way too much stuff. Then we went to Know Knew Books, where we got lots of books, before going over to Barnes and Noble to pick up leftovers from our last visit there.


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