At the recent parkour training, my watch’s strap broke. No fault of the lesson, of course, but that means I could not wear my watch. It is difficult for me, I need to look at the watch constantly (I think it’s almost once a minute unless I’m really into something). This makes a day without a watch a day in hell. I went to the mall, to see if they can replace my strap. Sure, they can. If I leave it for a week. That seemed a little much, and I gave up on it — I can find someone else back in Jerusalem. In the meantime, I was still watchless. I started looking around for a cheap watch, until I can get to some real watches.

Eventually, at an outdoors gear shop, I found a simple casio watch for about 100 NIS (almost 30$). Why are there no watches which cost less? I believe they got to the point where it’s not cost effective to sell them. After all, I doubt it costs more than 1$ to make a watch, which would mean they should have sold for 35 NIS. But I think the real low end of watches got  demolished as they became jewlery. Until we have some form of enhanced reality with a time-HUD, we’ll have to live with that. I can’t wait!


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