Continuing training: less frequent updates

I discovered that many Parkour training posts bore me, so I cannot imagine how bored my readers are feeling with some of them. I will begin only update when I have something interesting to say re: training. Today, like every Friday, my dad and I went out together. I jog a little then walk, while he mostly walks. We remembered to lengthen our route since we are now taking less time to do the same route, and we finished with some muscle training.


One Response to Continuing training: less frequent updates

  1. Henri says:

    I have enjoyed your regular training posts. You appear to be in worse shape than me and the “training” you’re doing *and posting about* is – on the surface – a joke. “10 sprints through the apartment when it is raining…” “A roll…” While I snickered the first time I read your blog I have found that you are more dedicated than me and actually often *doing* more than me. I need to put exercise first and often don’t. I have a father that is racing toward the grave as a result of being sedentary and I don’t do much about it but complain and tell him to go on walks. I’ve found the forthright accounts of your seemingly small achievements, well, inspirational.

    While I may well be a special case and “many” might not be interested in your progress I hope your lack of enthusiasm regarding parkour-posting doesn’t curb your actual training with your father.

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