Back home, back training

Let me be honest: I was worried. I was scared that my trip abroad, having interrupted my training, has taken me out of the training mind-set. Over there, I was really in no mood to train, being partially jet-lagged my whole time. When I got back, on Saturday evening I also did not feel up to training. I was getting worried that my will has broken. Not so! Yesterday I had a good workout.

I warmed up by running for five minutes. Then I did 3 sets of 20×3 jumps that I learned in San Jose — 20 ankle jumps, 20 heels-to-bottom jumps, 20 knees to stomach jumps. This was pretty gruelling, but I followed it up with 50 sit ups and 20 push ups. Another five minutes of fast walking back home, with a minute sprint at the end, rounded up the session.

I decided to go back to my regular schedule. This means Monday is a day off, and I’m going to train again on Tuesday and Wednesday.


One Response to Back home, back training

  1. Alex Levy says:

    I went through something similar this week. After getting back into karate this past fall, having not trained for years, I missed class for over six weeks due to a combination of illness, work travel, and vacation. It was a struggle to get back into it — the mind creates a million excuses to stay home.

    But the advantage of training in a group is that you just need to force yourself to show up. Once you’re there, they’ll make sure you go through the rest of it.

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