Parkour training: back, and it means business

So, as those of you who follow my life know, I’ve been travelling to California. I’d say sunny California, but it ain’t so. It is winter here in norcal, and it is wintering like nobody’s business. After a not-so-bad flight, I landed and managed to go to sleep at the hotel at about 2am on Saturday. Got up, naturally, at like 10am, and started a short shopping trip. Went to the mall on 31st street San Mateo, loaded up on Legos to make sure nobody ever does useful work in B-hive again. Then went down to Palo Alto, and got into Know Knew Books, and got out with 25$ worth of books. Then I realized I can go to SuperHappyDevHouse. So I did, I drove down to the Los Gatos area, and hacked on the Supper Happy Calculator, a calculator program that’s not meant to strictly emulate all the limitations that stem from old-school calculators being, well, not computers. Got back at about 11pm, went to sleep. Got up at 5am, which is 3pm back home. On a Sunday. Got to work a little bit remotely, and then went up, showered and drove down into San Jose.

In San Jose, I met with three traceurs (Matt, Daniel and Ian) who train each Sunday at the San Pedro area. They are experienced. I am not. They were, however, extremely nice to me. We ran a little bit, did some endurance and muscle exercises, which I was happy to learn, and then started training vaults. I…can’t do vaults. Matt was kind enough to show me how to do a half-vault, so I could at least practice my jump. When I’ll do that well, I’ll probably be able to mature into a dash vault. Then we ran some more, did balance practices and various other things. On some, I passed. At about 12:30pm, 3 hours into the training, I was wiped.


One Response to Parkour training: back, and it means business

  1. Not The Matt Mentioned Above says:

    Know Knew Books rocks, but they sure have cleaned up in there recently. Glad we got to meet up at SHDH.

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