Out of gas

Scene: my car. The gas warning led turns on. Great. Just great.

Flashback: driving on the way to Rishon L’Zion. As I pass by the Sonol station, I look at my watch. I am already late, and do not relish the thought of being later. Though the gas is low, I can always stop there on my way back.

Flashback: driving on the way back from Rishon L’Zion. The Sonol station passes by unheeded.

Flashback: the gas turns low as I approach Mevasseret. The gas is slowly draining, and I’m getting worried. It is slowly going downwards, faster than it estimate the gas/kilometer.

Back to present: the gas light is flashing and warning. I realize that I have no way of visiting friends tomorrow, because the Sonol gas station is closed, and I am not entirely sure how I am going to get home with no closer station. As I drive into Mevasseret, I suddenly realize — the self-service lane might not be closed. I drive through there to find it is not close, and I managed to fill it up. Crisis averted.


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