Winning at Steve Jackson Games

I have broken the curse — finally, last night, I won at a Steve Jackson game. The game involved was “Ninja Burger”, which involves honorably delivering honorable burgers to honorable customers. At the International Space Station. Or the CIA. Etc. It’s a cute game, and it is not too complicated. The end of the game was drawing near, and I was one point ahead of Tamir, and the two of us were miles ahead of anyone else. As we almost finished, M decided to commit suicide. Tamir had a “Rivalry” goal with her, which put him in a tie with me, and ended the game since we now had 52 honor points between the 5 of us. In a tie. The rules call for a challenge, a combat between the two tied ninjas. I have one — by one point. At last, I am not always a loser in a Steve Jackson game. Woo.


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