Screw endangered species

Suddenly, all the people in the world care about “endangered species”, even when they would happily kill animals for entertainment otherwise*. Screw this! What does it matter if a species is “endangered” or not? If it’s ok to kill animals, it’s ok to kill them. Why are whales better than cows? Because there are less of them?

So I say — screw this. Kill off the endangered species. At least that way, that species will have its suffering over, and people will no longer be able to enjoy whale meat or whatever. The endangered problem takes care of itself. The problem of slaughter of farm animals does not.

* Killing animals for food is the same as killing them for entertainment, usually. Vegetarians enjoy the same life expectancy as non-vegetarians, so the only excuse is “they taste good”, which translates to “I want to have fun by killing animals”.


6 Responses to Screw endangered species

  1. herenot says:

    All this talk about meat is making me hungry.

  2. moshez says:

    Hungry for whales?

  3. Pieter says:

    Vegetarians and vegans have a shorter life expectancy than normal people. Especially infants are negatively impacted by vegetarian/vegan diets. Generally those kids are much weaker, way more receptive to diseases, have a below average development, look very pale like they are going to die (prolly are) and their social life is totally screwed up because their parents decided he/she can’t have a steak. Why would any parent want to do such a horrible thing to their child. Maybe we should get rid off all the vegetarians & vegans and be done with this silly discussion…

  4. moshez says:

    Please indicate where you get your statistics. I actually checked on life expectancy statistics for vegetarians — vegans have lower life expectancy, but vegetarians do not.

  5. TDDPirate says:

    Is it OK for tigers and lions to feast upon other animals?
    Is it OK for cows to eat living grass?
    Is it OK for flesh eating bacteria to eat human cells?
    How about vitamin B12 supply – it is a reason why humans must eat meat.
    Where do we draw the line?

  6. moshez says:

    Please attempt to find more original reasons, or to look those up in a FAQ.
    And this is relevant to my explanation that killing whales is just like killing cows *HOW* exactly?

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