“Reset my password, please”

There are these services which I use once a week or less. Sometimes I use a variation of a ‘regular password’, but more often, I just plain forget my password. Well, apparently, I’m not the only one — there’s always the “reset my password”/”e-mail me my password” link, and so I can always just do that, read my mail (which I do remember the password for), and enjoy the service.

That sounds awkward, doesn’t it?

I wish services would support “e-mail me a token”, where they mail me a link with a token, which causes a cookie to be set on my computer and logs me in to the service automatically. The token would only be valid for a few minutes. Every time I came in, I would ask for a token, and then click that. For little used services, this would be wonderful.


3 Responses to “Reset my password, please”

  1. jhr says:

    Isn’t this form of authentication basically equivalent to OpenID but with the addition of sending an email? It would be better if more sites would just support OpenID.

  2. JohnJones says:

    yeah great you are proposing that the browser by following a link or being given a token (from a external program) can modify a cookie ?

    thats a BAD plan from a security point of view under the current security model

    but a nice idea none the less maybe if they only knew your email and where verified as a trustworthy sender i.e. not spam then yes it would be ok but the cross program domain auth is always going to be a problem as I see it in the real world


    John Jones

  3. sophiesweetie says:

    is there anyway to reset my password to a word I can remember? I forgot it and then got an email with something that is distinctly not a password, more like a programming line for the pentagon interface.

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