I have owned a car since I was 22, and I was always living in suburbs, never in the center.

Therefore, when someplace is 30-40 minutes driving away, I just think of it as “close”. Incredibly close, especially if it is actual 30-40 minutes, with little parking time and/or other overhead. This is true both in Israel, where basically all of the “important part” (Jerusalem, the Rehovot area, Tel-Aviv, etc.) is close by, especially when the traffic is low on weekends, and I’ve had weekends where I travel from Tel-Aviv area to Jerusalem area some 4-5 times. Ditto for the bay: barring traffic, from San Francisco to San Jose is about 45 minutes, and so I really don’t mind doing all these drives when I need to. Cupertino, San Jose, San Mateo, Palo Alto? All feel like “the same place”. It’s a fun way to live, and I don’t understand people who feel otherwise.


One Response to Distances

  1. prodlife says:

    From San Jose to San Mateo, everything is the same.
    San Francisco is a singularity. In the way that Tel Aviv is completely different from everything else. It does not feel like the same place at all. Maybe it is because traffic in San Francisco is so intense that 5 minutes of SF driving is equal to 20 minutes of valley driving.

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