Indoor training for Parkour

Today it was raining cats and dogs near my place, so I decided to take that opportunity for Parkour indoor training. What did that entail?

Well, I started with some running. There are about ten  meters from my door to my kitchen, and I ran them back and force a few times at sprint speed as my burst training, important for starting a run at top speed. I continued with about 40 push-ups, at 10 per interval and walking between them to gather my strength. Then I did some more sprints from door to kitchen, and ended by training on my percision jump.

So to sum up: upper body strength, burst and a little bit of technique.

Not bad for an evening where I was tempted to pause training. Tomorrow is meant to be my heart/lung training though, so I really hope it will stop raining. If not, I’ll have to figure out how to give myself indoor aerobic training. Should be interesting!


One Response to Indoor training for Parkour

  1. prodlife says:

    1. Jumping rope for indoor aerobic activity. I do 5 sets of 30 seconds jump, 30 seconds rest.
    2. Get a bar and do pullups (aka chinups) for upper body strength. It involves different muscled than pushups, and may be a bit more relevant for parkour.

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