Parkour: Technique training

So, the training in Ashdod was cancelled at the last minute, unfortunately. Never daunted by failings of others, I decided today would be my day for working on some more techniques. I feel my rolls are decent, and I decided to work on my drops. I ran just a few minutes, to get warmed up. I happily found out that I can run longer than before, and I get less tired — I seem to be actually getting in shape.

I then went to the grassy place, rolled a little just to make sure it sticks, and then walked to a bench, a foot and a bit high, and got up on it. And then I jumped from it to the floor, making sure to drop just like the textbook says — toes-balls of feet-crouch-balance with hands. And again. 20 times. So, here is some interesting news: jumping from a bench twenty times, and getting back up, is really tiring. I had to rest after ten, then did ten more, and then I felt like I could do no more. I walked back home, got a horrible stitch in my side which grew less horrible as I walked. By the time I got home it was a mere painful memory.

I am pretty happy with my progress so far. I am getting in shape, slowly mastering the basic parkour techniques. Plan for next week? Alternate heart/lung endurance training with upper body training, getting ready for next Saturday which will hopefully not be cancelled.


One Response to Parkour: Technique training

  1. herenot says:

    Cool. keep on the good work.

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