Parkour: the voyage continues

Back from my parents’, I went to run around my place again. I took a slightly different route, this time — I started circling the block clock-wise, not counter-clock-wise as usual. So as I run down the street, I see that in that corner of the block there’s a beautiful park, perfect for rolling. I continued running, then turned back in the main intersection, and headed back to the park. My calf muscles started really hurting by this time (my first — usually I am all puffed out to hurt my legs) and I switched to mostly walking. I rolled more than I am used to, in one roll I kinda used my elbow wrong, but it’s all good — didn’t hurt too bad, and when I was careful not to do it, my technique improved. I still don’t leap into running from the roll, but I am getting closer.

In related news, the parkour group here is kinda ageist. The guy I talked to was shocked, shocked I tell you, to hear that I’m 30 yo. Apparently, Parkour ends at 30. David Belle would be pleased to hear that, I’m sure.

Anyway, looks like Saturday gonna be my first real parkour lesson. Wish me luck!


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