I hate gifts.

There, I said it.

I dislike getting gifts, actually. I hate it. I buy stuff I want for myself, and whenever someone else gets me stuff — it’s rarely something I really want (or I would have had it already). After all, gifts are supposed to be not horribly expensive, and anything not expensive that I want, I buy 🙂

Why are gifts common? Who actually likes gifts? If it’s the thought that counts, wouldn’t it be nicer to get a phone call with “I’m thinking of you”? (I would greatly appreciate those!). I hate picking gifts for people for the same reason — if they wanted it, they would have had it. The tradition of bringing money to a wedding at least makes sense — you’re supposed to offset the cost of the wedding. But other gifts completely make no sense to me.

If you want to be nice to me — please, spare me any gifts. Honestly.


4 Responses to Gifts

  1. Geekwad says:

    Agreed! If you are old enough to wipe your own bum, you’re too old to be asking for gifts.

  2. prodlife says:

    From what I’ve seen, your friends bring you excellent gifts that you would never get for yourself – horizontal, vertical and spiral!

    I have two categories for gifts I really like:
    1. Things I want but can’t buy for myself. I know I want earrings for my birthday, but I don’t know which will look nice on me. My girlfriends rescue me by getting me wonderful earrings for my birthday, much nicer than anything I could have found myself.

    2. Things I didn’t know I want – A friend bought me a book I enjoyed. I couldn’t buy it for myself because I’ve never heard of the book or the author. She could have just recommended the book, but getting it as a gift was nice.

  3. randomyriad says:

    I don’t mind receiving gifts randomly when someone is feeling generous and thoughtful. I do not like obligatory gift giving: I have to give you a gift because it is Christmas or a birthday. I give gifts that are asked for things I can do for people that they can’t for themselves or just giving something they wouldn’t have thought of themselves as a surprise, but I put thought into it. Gifts given in this manner makes my relationship with another person stronger and more meaningful. I have a hard time with gifts that really have nothing to do with my relationship with another person.

  4. Ridzmas says:

    I like like the gift.


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