Hills, grass and parkour

Today was the last day of hanukkah, so I went to light the last candle with my family, in Mevasseret. Afterwards, as today was not my day off, I went for a run. Mevasseret, near Jerusalem, has actual slopes. This makes running on it more interesting. The grass where I rolled on was also on a slope — that was — well, completely different. I enjoyed a lot rolling down, and trying to roll up the slope. It was tiring — after running for 15 minutes and several rolls, I was beat. I managed to keep walking at a good pace to my parents’, though, to make sure that I still put some pressure on my heart/lung system.

I learned that I actually manage to look at stuff differently — “this would be intersting to run up, or climb, or pull myself across”. I hope that in a couple of weeks, when I get in shape, I will be able to actually do that, not just think that.


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