Shipping costs for books

Why are books imported? They are heavy. It takes ~1-2$/book to ship it across the atlantic. If, on the other hand, publishing companies would hire a local printer to print the necessary books, it could be much cheaper. Why isn’t anyone smart enough to do it?


One Response to Shipping costs for books

  1. Adi Stav says:

    I suspect the market for each book (in English!) is not large enough to warrant special printing. Printing books probably has marginal cost that’s quickly declining with scale.

    Also, even for hypothetical books whose local market is large enough to warrant printing, from the point of view of the publisher, dealing with another company overseas probably has administrative overhead cost larger than the cost of transporting all the needed books to start with, and that’s is not even a cost they themselves have to absorb.

    Plus, they’re all antisemitic.

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